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From it inception the FHIRO has concentrated providing the solution of elevator accessories.
The fundamental strength of the FHIRO is our commitment and enthusiasm to provide excellent service for our client.
We provide a total comprehensive service from point of inquiry to completion of order.
The variety of attractive design are available adding beauty, harmony and prestige o your elevator and also to satisfy there individual requirements.

Welcome To Fhiro Elevator & Parts

Our company FHIRO was founded in 2004 as a small enterprise. With our self confidence, honesty and customer satisfaction,

The company has grown to a scale which enables us to market all kinds of bearings and our customers' quality products in the foreign and domastic market and import&export specific types of components on demand.

Our aim is to create long-term profitable relationships and provide the best value possible to our customers and business partners.

Our key resource is the personnel, who push their limits to learn more and dynamically adjust themselves to the necessities of our industry.

We know that the customers prefer cheaper, but high quality products at the same time.

These are our guidelines to keep the customer satisfaction at maximum rates...